Ten Steps to Intermediate Practitioner

The easiest way to conscious Self-Parenting is thru following the Ten Steps to Intermediate Practitioner. Thirty minutes of S/P for 3-6 months leads to the deepest level of S/P understanding over time in the shortest period of time. Hundreds of people have followed these steps to achieve an Intermediate Level in Self-Parenting awareness. Every person is unique, yet everyone benefits from more aware and improved Self-Parenting.

Each one of the Ten Steps represents a crucial aspect of practitioner awareness and must be attained at some point during your journey. The estimated time to complete all Ten Steps is 3-6 months. You can’t honestly do all the steps in less than three months and if you don’t finish them by six months, you are not trying.

YOU, as the Inner Parent, have the full responsibility for your own Self-Parenting Style. This website offers you the advantage of improving your S/P awareness by following a proven plan. Print one of these links below and use it to record your progress. You may contact me via the website for clarification or guidelines on each step.

Once you have achieved Intermediate Practitioner, you will be much more inclined to understand and appreciate the advanced understandings of the Blue Book, S/P Modules, and Intermediate Practitioner Support Groups. Click on the link below to go to printable checklist for your progress.

If you would like an even deeper explanation of the Ten Steps to Intermediate, click the link below.

The Tens Steps:

On today’s internet I give you these steps for free so that you can “cross the river” safely, a term I explain more fully in the linked article. This order is the recommended best-case scenario. Each step is a crucial element of practitioner awareness and must be completed at some point during the process.

Step 1: Read Self-Parenting: The Complete Guide To Your Inner Conversations

Time: 1 Week Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Obviously this is the first step to becoming an Intermediate Practitioner. If you like the book, and want to experience the results, this step will provide the motivation to begin sessions. This specifically means Part I & Chapter 9.

Step 2: Practice First Two Weeks of Daily S/P Sessions

Time: 2 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

  • Read Chapter 9 carefully.
  • Follow 23 steps article.
  • Be consistent with your daily sessions.
  • Only ask questions.
  • Do NOT dialogue with your Inner Child during the day.

Step 3: Send 2 Sample Sessions to the SPP for Evaluation

Time: 20 mins Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Email me as attachments, at least two of your S/P sessions (Xeroxed or scanned) from your first week of practice. These will be checked for form and format. Please do your best to have them correctly aligned, and sized for easy viewing. If I don't get these then I know already that you are not following the Ten Steps in a proper way as the Inner Parent. 

Step 4: Practice Second Two Weeks of Daily S/P Sessions

Time: 2 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Completing your first two weeks of S/P sessions from the questions in the yellow book is fantastic. Now what? You have three options here:

  1. You may repeat the first two weeks questions again. Do this if you are unsure of your sessions or have had trouble implementing all of the 23 steps.
  2. Practice your sessions by following the Dialog Templates for Asking Your Own Questions article and start asking your own questions. Do this if you are confident that this will be easy for you and your sessions are going well.
  3. Optional: Get the Personal Questions Module and use the sample questions to create your own sessions. Do this if you are a truly unsure and would like the confidence of “proper” questions.

Step 5: Practice the Self Esteem Module

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

After you have practicing sessions for about a month, get the S/E Module. Practice this process 2 to 3 days a week until you have gone through it once. Once completed, fax, mail, or email the S/E Evaluation form to the SPP.

Step 6: Alternate Modules Sessions With the Free Dialogue Template Technique

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

The safest way to practice your sessions during the first three months is by practicing a S/P Module for thee days a week and by using the Dialogue Template the other days. Using this system you should be entirely comfortable “creating your own questions”. If you are having problems coming up with your own questions, you should order the Personal Questions Module. You should still only be asking questions, and continuing to follow the 23 steps.

Step 7: Read P.E.T: Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: ____

Somewhere during this time, begin reading PET. This book is very important to your Inner Parent’s understanding of the S/P process. This book will open you up to the potential and power of positive S/P. As you read it, mentally substitute the words “Inner Parent” for “Parent” and “Inner Child” for “Child.”

Step 8: Practice the Early Family Module

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

After you have finished the S/E Module, and hopefully after you’ve read PET, begin practicing the Early Family Module. Practice these sessions 2 to 3 days a week until you have finished them all. The purpose of the module is to give your Inner Child a chance to reflect on your early childhood.

Step 9: Resolve 3 to 6 Major Inner Conflicts Using the Eight Steps of Inner Conflict Resolution

Time: 3-6 Months Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

This might be the toughest step. The hard part is learning to recognize the presence of an Inner Conflict and being able to separate it from the “Inner Bashing” that many practitioners practice. Reread Part II, of the yellow book, and use Chapter Seven to practice each step when you have an active Inner Conflict. Send at least one I/Con to the SPP for evaluation. To be successful Intermediate Practitioner, you must be very comfortable with diagnosing an Inner Conflict and following the Eight Steps to resolve it.

Step 10: Register Your Achievement with The Self-Parenting Program

Time: 3-6 Months Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Keep a record of the dates of completion for each step. Send in your early sessions and Inner Conflicts for evaluation. When you have completed each step, email me your form to evaluate and recognize your progress as an Intermediate Practitioner of the Self-Parenting Program. Attaining Intermediate Status means you are now eligible for the Advanced Modules of which there are many. Congratulations to you!