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The Self-Parenting Program remains exactly the same as when it began on Mar 1, 1986 at Maisy's Cafe in Neutral Bay, NSW. If you are completely new to the SPP, you are welcome to become a Guest Member for 3 months during during which you can explore the site and see what it means to become a S/P Practitioner. It's totally up to you how you would like to proceed.

You can start practicing Self-Parenting from the yellow book alone. It has the first two weeks of questions to get your started. From there you would follow the Ten Steps to Intermediate Practice. The ideal way to begin this practice is to take the Online Newbie Course. But if you are confident and organized you can do this program as a self-guided adventure. If money is a concern then ask yourself how much it might be worth for you to become a loving, supportive, and nurturing Inner Parent to your own Inner Child; a couple hundred bucks, a couple of thou, maybe a million or two for the right person. So 99.95 is a reasonable price to spend to build your own emotional/mental growth.

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You can view and access the website at
any time. There is no charge and there are no tracking or ads as you will notice. 

If you would like a series of emails that go into more depth then sign up on the home page.  You are welcome become a SP Practitioner at any time. To get your best start in the practice one or more Newbie Classes is highly recommended. 

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Subscription period: Monthly No recurring payments Why become a Supporting Member of the SPP?

1) You are practicing half hour sessions of positive SP based on the principles of the 23 tips.

2) You plan to follow the Ten Steps to Intermediate Practitioner Status

3) You seek to learn and experience more about this important practice.

As a SPP supporting member you have full tech support via email, and/or website links, or even phone calls if necessary. You also can access your relevant areas of the bulletin board system to post questions, interact with others, etc.

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You can start the daily practice of Self-Parenting from the "yellow book" alone. That's what it's for. But to avoid common newbie mistakes and make sure you get the best start possible, take the Newbie Class. Classes are scheduled from time to time and will be listed here in this column when they are available.  

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