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SELF-PARENTING: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations (1987)
-Wrote and published SELF-PARENTING: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations, creating the principles and practice of consciously parenting your Inner Child as an Inner Parent. 
-During this period, was the featured guest of many news, and television interviews, including CNN; Good Morning Australia, various radio presentations, and newspaper and magazine articles.
-Became the first Inner Child author endorsed and recommended by prominent psychological teachers such as Louise Hay, John Bradshaw, and Ken Keyes, Jr. 

The SELF-PARENTING Program (1992)
-Wrote and published second book on advanced principles of Self-Parenting.
-Created and ran a publishing company to present Self-Parenting in both the United States and Australia.

The Digestive Awareness Diet: You Are HOW You Eat (2006 Oct)
-Created book to explain the normal function of the digestive system for the lay public
-Presents a fact based tour of the digestive system based on the scientific understanding of digestion.
-Linked organ function with classic visceral-somatic symptoms
-Provided natural therapy solutions to common digestive symptoms for the lay audience

How Relationships Work (2008) 
-Created book to explain How Relationships Work
-Original research and understanding

What Is Generic Human Studies? (2010)
-Created book to explain GHS Theory
-Original research and understanding.