New To The Self-Parenting Program?

Please read this post to understand how this site works. Visitors come to this site in various ways and for various reasons. You are welcome and have full access to the public website where you can read through the material and learn the fundamentals of the SPP. If you are a strong and organized Inner Parent there is a plethora of knowledge and self-directed guidance to assist your practice of Self-Parenting. 

In the past only people who read the "yellow book" would come here. Now, you might be here from an internet search or for some other reason without this first step which is very important. If you are brand new to Self-Parenting or have only read the "blue book" then you won't have the initial understanding which this site assumes. This site geared to the daily practitioner of Self-Parenting.

Please DO NOT register as a "Practicing Member" until or unless you are actually practicing daily SP sessions. "Being a SP Practitioner" means you have started daily SP sessions per the Ten Steps and the 23 Tips to Intermediate Practitioner Status.  

I do my utmost to support all practicing members. Attempting this practice without personal assistance is possible, but most people will encounter problems at some point or another which are easily handled if you communicate with me. I'm happy to answer initial questions as a service to you so that you have an excellent start.  Just like with any outer relationship you have about 3 months to either "make it or break it" in your relationship with your Inner Child.  My email is dr_john_pollard at

"Email Members" get personal email responses to their S/P questions, exactly like I've given in the past. This is now member supported at $9.95 per month, and worth so much more when you choose to become an "Email Member." This technical support is super targeted, based on your individual concerns and personal practitioner problems. 

Newbie Course: If you are truly interested in this work, you are advised to take the online Newbie Course, which is 4 classes once per week designed to get you off to the best possible start. Already this has proven to be very valuable for new practitioners. 

The SPP Online Module Member: This is here for ongoing email members who want ongoing email/forum support AND would like to follow the module program for a reduced price. Otherwise you are welcome to continue Email Member status and order modules when they are appropriate to your stage of practice. You must be registered member to receive modules.

There's even more options when you become a member of course, but this post is for brand new people to get an idea of what they are signing up for. The sign-up page is on the Welcome Page.

All my best, 

John K. Pollard, III