Online S/P Newbie Class (180.00)

Note: The next open class starts Feb 6, 2016 at 12 noon, pst.  It's just like skyping but better and easier. Headset and webcam recommended. Most modern laptops work if you are in a quiet location.

To get your best start as a practitioner of the Self-Parenting Program you can receive personal guidance and tech support by joining a 1 month “getting started” online group. There's one scheduled for next month in your town! You need the yellow book (order through to study the concepts and to provide the questions for the first two weeks.

Taking this class in a supportive group format allows you to learn from the other students as well, and insures the best possible start towards following the Ten Steps To Intermediate Status.

You can certainly begin SP on your own without taking any classes, but experience proves that most people get lost in their practice because they make mistakes that they are unaware of or consider no big deal. This is your best shot to avoid these problems that typically come up later down the road.

Who is this class ideal for?

A person who is brand-new to the concept of Self-Parenting and wants to get a really strong start.

A person who has been practicing Self-Parenting on their own and wonders if there is more to gain from it.

A person who has done Self-Parenting in the past, is trying to start again, but is finding it difficult to get started.