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  • 08/21/2016 7:05 PM
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    John Pollard (Administrator)


    Thank you very much for checking the format of my sessions. I have corrected it in the way you pointed. Today I did my 40 session and I'm feeling better with myself and more committed to the program.

    In the beginning sessions I had to apologize many times, for daydreaming and for automatically responding, but not to my IC answer. I was responding to my IP question as if I knew what my IC was going to say.

    Now I have learned to stop and really listen, and the answers are many times quite different than I was expecting.

    My IC is also thanking me for carrying on because she didn't trust me at all in the beginning.

    I am working now with the P/Q module. I'm glad I got it because it's bringing me a lot of awareness in many areas. I'm getting to know my IC better and this is wonderful. I am in the middle of the module and I'm also making my own questions following the dialogue template.

    Kind regards,

    40 Day Practitioner

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  • 08/21/2016 7:14 PM
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    John Pollard (Administrator)

    In the beginning sessions I had to apologize many times, for daydreaming and for automatically responding, but not to my IC answer. I was responding to my IP question as if I knew what my IC was going to say. 

    This defines what we mean by "Weak IP." But following the 23 tips on your own accord shows how much they help. Thus stronger IP. 

    I want to be honest  and say that I am failing to do my session right after I wake up all days. I always do in the weekends,  but in the week days I haven't still managed to do it. I find myself in a hurry and have to postpone the session to the afternoon. I'm writing this to not skip the issue, and because of that, I can see the "nonsense" of my explanation.

    Explain to me what is the first thing you do during the day, up until you sit down for your S/P Session. 


    That, whatever that __________ is, is more important to you, the IP, than who and what your IC is for you - and your IC knows it. I know it too. But the question is, when will your IP know it, and more importantly act on it, and derive even further benefit from this amazing process?

    When you put your IC needs first, you will be living a different life. It's a higher level but not perfect.  Once your inside/outside boundaries are handled, you can provide a united front to the outside life. You can claim accountability when your IP is giving 30 mins of uninterrupted perfect time to your IC, the emotional self. Like a good outer parent does with an outer child only directed inward to where only you can hear it. 

    I was seated in my car and suddenly the IC voice poppped out and said "pull up the seat". And I did. On my God, I couldn't believe how much better I could drive. I was feeling like tired while driving and didn't know why. The thing was that I had taken the car to the mechanic months before and I didn't notice that he had pulled down the seat, but my IC knew it and I was able to listen to her.

    This is a good story.

    So keep it going. You've inspired me to attempt to put these emails up for all to read some how, somewhere. 

  • 08/29/2016 3:50 PM
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    John Pollard (Administrator)

    Sent As FollowUp

    Dr Pollard,

    Thank you for your words. They have made me think. I was going to say that the first thing I do in the morning is have breakfast, then have a shower, dress and go to the work from 8 to 15. But then I realized that wasn't true. The first thing I did in the morning was feed my cat. I thought it was time to change priorities, and I am now doing the sessions right after I wake up. And I only have to wake up ten minutes earlier!

    I have read the introduction of the S/E module first time yesterday. As I did it, tears began to run through my face. It was as I was listening to the answers my IC gave me when I tried the affirmations and I didn't want to listen. "I don't believe that" "Do you think I'm stupid?" "I am not that"... and pushing again. 

    I completely understand now how different is reading the SP program and actually practicing. I can now feel her feelings, and in the past I could only have an intellectual understanding of the IC

    Kind regards,

    40 Day Practitioner